Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trend Report; Blanket

There were a few on the blogs during the past weeks. Yesterday there was one in Tommy Ton's Street Style section on "". But today it exploded. They were everywhere. I am talking about the huge scarfs aka expensive blankets.

It seems like Vuitton started this with their 900€ one, but I can't see any reason why people shouldn't try all different kinds of blankets. This is fashion at it's easiest and most comfortable.

So what do you think? Yes or no?
Thx for reading! x


  1. not really a must in your wardrobe..

    xx Domenic

  2. You don't think so? :)
    I quite like it. Tried it in Brussels last weekend.

  3. It's a blanket though. I would want a LV suit.