Saturday, November 30, 2013

That's Hot

When I post trend predictions some people get offended. Some see it as a personal insult when I declare something to be over. But that is not really the point of me doing such thing.

For example; when I tweet that "people should get over Gin&Tonic already", I don't mean to say G&T is a bad product or that it's users are losers. Likewise for Dubai, wedge sneakers, French cuisine, rococo interiors etc. It just means the it-crowd has moved on to something new. And in a business like ours, that happens quite often. In New York City a restaurant may open, reach it zenit and end up bankrupt in a mere two weeks. Does that mean the chef has lost his talent? Does it mean staff suddenly became unfriendly? Of course not. They're just not 'it' anymore.

So my declarations are no judgements of value, but only a simple constatation of facts. If you like your G&T, keep on drinking it. Sure. It makes you more cool than anyone who jumps from one trend to the next. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said; “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is still the greatest accomplishment.” But as a lifestyle blogger it is my duty to constantly spot the next big thing.

Also one little remark should be made here. I wholeheartedly hope that my favorite products never become a hype like G&T has. Because when that happens, it very frequently ruins the feeling you have with a product. Admit, when someone offers you a G&T these days, don't you just roll your eyes? Whereas a few months ago you would have eagerly accepted it. It's like a running crowd looking for something good, not noticing they are trampling the best thing they had because they are already looking the next one.

What are your thoughts? What value do you attach to trend reports?
Do you feel insulted when your favorite product ends up on an 'out' list?

Thx for reading!


  1. Hot or not, I love G&T, now and forever ;)

  2. I didn't know people actually checked those 'hot or not lists', think it's ridiculous, who cares whether it's out or in, it's about you liking it and therefore using it, what's the fuzz even about? I think people should stop buying things for the mere brand of it. Those times are passé, it's about personality, originality but above all authenticity. Because doing things that are prescribed in those kinds of lists totally make you unhappy in the long run and that's why a lot (not saying 'all') of bloggers look just the same. No charcater, no enthusiasm, no personality, just copying their way through blogposts. And that's quite ironic because bloggers and blogs initially were meant for spontaneous fashion inspiration but now it just feels so forced and everything but inspirational.