Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Blogger Wears Prada

Due to the movie with Meryl Streep as Prada-nymphomaniac Miranda Priestly, the name 'Prada' has gotten that extra touch of bling. And ever since I saw it, I have longed for something that very boldly stated 'Prada'. 

So when Designer Outlet Roermond invited me to come over for a day of shopping to celebrate their new Prada shop I didn't hesitate for a second.

And yesterday was the day. We were picked up by a chaufered black Mercedes Benz in Antwerp and then departed for Roermond, The Netherlands. Damn how I felt like Anna Wintour ;). After an 1,5 hour drive we reached the center of Roermond. 'We' was Ibe from Mademoiselle Rosselle, Elien from Dogs&Dresses and Paulien from Polienne and me! In Roermond we were joined by Dutch bloggers Joyce from JustLikeSushi and Yara from ThisChicksGotStyle. As usual I was the only boy.. Where are the others? Come on boys, join me! 

Upon arival we were welcomed by the head of marketing of Roermond, a Mc Arthur Glen social media officer from London and by Yolanda from Cachet PR. When they proposed to start off with a coffee, there came sighs of relieve from the blogcrowd. For most of us the alarm clock went off that morning at 6.30am. So we could use some black gold. 

Our guides explained how Roermond in eleven years slowly grew from just a few stores to the big branded village it is today. I'm sure it must have something to do with the incredibly friendly shop assistants. And off course the low prices ;) You can save from 30% up to 70% of the retail price! And can you believe Roermond is open 363 days a year? They only close on Christmas Day and on the 1st of January.  

In 2016 another part will be added to the complex. And there even are rumours that in 2018, they will open a similar outlet center near Ghent!

After coffee came a guided tour during which Paulien immediately set her eyes on a Mulberry bag. Then came lunch. Healthy much, right? Had to stay in shape for the Prada jeans I was about to buy.

And after lunch, finally time for SHOPPING. We were given a creditcard worth 250€ and a 10% discount on everything. The blogger's faces were glowing of excitement and joy, as you can imagine. 

I chose very wisely and ended up with a pair of Prada Jeans (110€, retail price around 400€), some Burberry gloves (140€, retail price around 550€) and a Polo Ralph Lauren T-shirt & pajama trousers (50€, retail around 100€). To see pictures of the goods, check out the facebook-page! (And when you are there, like it too!)

We had a crazily beautiful day. The Christmas lights created a magical vibe and all I wanted to do was snooze away in this dream of perfect decadency. I am very thankful towards Roermond Outlet Center for the invitation and I am sure I will go back there to shop. Something I can recommend to all of you actually. And you know I don't approve easily of things.

Now if you want to visit; check out their website for all usefull information.
As I said, it is a 1.5hour drive from Antwerp so that is very reasonable. 
At least, if you can fit all your shopping bags in the car, that is. ;)

Thx Roermond and Cachet PR for the invitation!
Thx co-bloggers for the great company!
And thank YOU for reading!


  1. You said you wanted boys to accompany you? I am in brother!
    I would love to go there, it looks so cosy and it looks so chic!

  2. it was fuuu-huuuun! Thanks for the great company, & nice write-up!